Using Microsoft SharePoint CSOM Technologies

Using SharePoint Online Client Side Object Model CSOM

The security issues around the internet have forced many organizations to switch from using the older Active Server Page (ASP) to the more secure and convenient Microsoft SharePoint CSOM Online. Many corporations are already taking advantage of this new offering, but there are still quite a number of businesses that want to use the older model. However, it is not easy for businesses that are still using the old ASP setup to migrate to SharePoint. This article will show you how to migrate your current enterprise ASP applications to SharePoint 2021.

When setting up SharePoint, it was necessary to incorporate the web application hosting capability so that all of the web pages in the company could be accessed by all employees. The setup required the creation of dedicated web servers and it meant that every employee had access to the corporate information. But with the advent of newer software, companies are able to use a more simplified model which is called “web-based management”. This model provides a number of web pages for the employee to manage from a central location, without requiring the knowledge of the person who created the page or stored the data.

Another option is to use the SharePoint 2021 client side model. In this model, an administrator can log into the SharePoint online portal and manage the various files, folders and databases. This model is best used when the user does not need to know the information stored on the server and is only concerned with how he/she is going to get the data from the SharePoint server back to his desktop or laptop. With this type of model, the business owner can make changes to the site without having to restart the entire SharePoint process.

The advantage of the client side model is that the person who creates SharePoint online applications does not need to know anything about how the data is actually managed or what the exact configuration for the server is. All the administrator has to do is simply configure a few factors and then he/she is ready to go. This type of configuration can also be done in a test lab setting. Since there are no risks of corrupting the data or loss of data due to server problems, this option is preferred by most IT professionals.

There are two ways in which the network can be accessed by the SharePoint Online application: by using webmail and by using URL shortening. When using webmail, an internet user can log in to the server and access the various files on his/her local network. The URL for this purpose can be local, regional, or global. When connecting to the SharePoint server through webmail, the security of the network is not really at stake because the online users do not have access to the underlying network. They only see their local network.

URL shortening is used by SharePoint Online whenever an internet user needs to get some data from a different location. For instance, a URL can be shortened to shorten the name of a hotel in London and then used for accessing information about the hotel, which is stored in Microsoft’s Knowledge base. Data is retrieved by the shortening URL in a centralized location, which is secure.